Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Glossary of Terms

If you find yourself stumped when researching Sukyo Mahikari, refer to this list of key terms used by members.

Dojo – A center where people are giving and receiving light energy.

Goshintai – the scroll through which the light energy is believed to be channeling, located in the center of the wall furthest from the entrance (in Japan that is the highest/most respectful spot.

Kenshu – The three-day Spiritual Development Course that one must take in order to become a member.

Kumite (or Kamikumite) – A member of Sukyo Mahikari. Kamikumite literally means “hand in hand with God.”

Okiyome – Light energy (i.e. members of Sukyo Mahikari give and receive Okiyome).

Omitama - The “divine pendant” given to members upon completion of kenshu. It is believed to concentrate the light energy through those who wear it, and protect the wearer, thus members wear it at all times except when swimming, showering, or engaging in any activity that may cause the pendant to get wet or damaged.

Sonen – Innermost attitude (i.e. what one really feels, not what one thinks one feels).

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