Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giving/Receiving Okiyome

When you enter the Sukyo Mahikari center on Juniperro Serra Boulevard, you will be asked to remove your shoes and leave them in the entry room of the building. If you are not wearing socks, you will be provided a pair to wear inside the dojo, where you will be receiving light. Once you have washed your hands and rinsed out your mouth, you will enter the dojo, where a member will ask you to kneel in front of him/her on a pillow situated on the mauve carpeting. Once you are kneeling with your eyes closed, the member will clap three times and chant the "Amatsu" prayer while raising his/her hand to your forehead. After ten minutes, the member will ask you to open your eyes. If you respond "yes" when the member asks you if you "feel clear," the member will ask you to turn your back and sit cross-legged, and he/she will begin giving "true light" to points on your neck. When the member is finished, you will be instructed to lie stomach-down so that he/she can concentrate true light into your kidneys. If you have any specific areas of pain or discomfort,
now is the time to tell them so that you can receive extra light in those areas. You will remain in that position for what seems like an eternity - but is about 50 minutes in reality - before you'll hear the member reciting a closing chant.

Photo Credit: Dalton Blanco

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